Israeli military blocks road and access to health, water services for approximately 700 Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills

8 August 2009

From Christian Peacemaker Teams and Operation Dove
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At noon on 5 August between the villages of Mfaggara and Jinba located in the South Hebron Hills an Israeli military bulldozer and a hummer with five soldiers created three earth mounds, blocking the road. In addition, the military damaged the road by digging it up to create the earth mounds.

The entire village of Kallet Adbea is now closed between the two of the earth mounds. In addition, the mounds affect villages south of Kallet Adbea. It is estimated that approximately 700 Palestinians living in villages in the area are affected by the mounds as they do not have access to the nearby village of At-Tuwani or north to the city of Yatta.

The earth mounds represent a serious problem to health needs of the local Palestinian population, because now the access to health services from the city of Yatta is not accessible by ambulance or car. Now, in the dry season, it is impossible for vehicles to deliver food and water to villages in the area, and for villagers to take products to the market to sell.

The Israeli military told international volunteers that the earth mounds are an attempt to close the border between Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel approximately 5 km south of the earth mounds to
“stop terrorists.” This road south to Jinba is one that is often used by Palestinian men traveling to work as migrant laborers in Israel.