Ni’lin Protests New Wall

30 August 2009

Just over one week ago, the Israeli military began construction of a new concrete wall to ‘supplement’ the fence and patrol road that had already been completed on the agricultural land of Ni’lin as part of the Annexation Barrier. Apparently, the construction of the concrete wall, which is between 4 and 8 meters in height, is due to the success of the weekly demonstrations in Ni’lin this summer, when large sections of the fence, declared illegal by the International Court of Justice 5 years ago, were damaged by residents. Over 100 Palestinians, joined by Israeli and international solidarity activists, once again marched after midday prayer on Friday to the site of the wall. One young participant quickly scaled the wall and placed a Palestinian flag on the top, while the barrage of tear-gas fired by Israeli soldiers began, followed by Palestinian rock-slingers.

As a strategy, physical damage to the illegal Annexation Barrier has been effective, costing the Israeli military thousands of dollars in repairs, and, in the case of Ni’lin, requiring them to build an entire second structure while construction on the Barrier in other areas of the West Bank has been on hold for more than half a year, with some speculation that the Israeli government has run out of the funds, and the will, to complete it.