7 Arrested in Night Raid in Beit Ommar

2 September 2009

At approximately 2:30 am Monday morning, several units of Israeli forces entered Beit Ommar. They barged into more than a dozen homes, ransacking them, and eventually arresting 7 youth. The young men, ages 17 to 21, were from the Abu Maria, Awad, and Ikhlayl families. Israeli forces have once again begun a series of raids of the village, home to 17,000 people, both during the day and in the night. For the past three days, Israeli soldiers have set up flying checkpoints in the Tariq Al-Ayn section of Beit Ommar, near the Palestine Solidarity Project home and center, detaining drivers, stopping and searching random residents, and otherwise harassing local men. The reasons for the detentions, and escalation once again of invasions (especially during a time when the Israeli Forces have declared they would be reducing the number of incursions into Palestinian villages while the United States is paying closer attention to Israeli policies in the Occupied West Bank), is unknown.