Live Ammunition Used Again in Ni’lin; Israeli Videographer Hospitalized

6 September 2009

On Friday, Palestinian residents of the Ramallah-District village of Ni’lin, accompanied by Israeli and international activists, totaling around 100 participants, met after noon prayers and marched towards the newly-constructed concrete wall in the agricultural fields of the village. One group of demonstrators began defacing the wall, and taking apart the barbed-wire fence adjacent to it, both illegally constructed on Ni’lin land and preventing the residents from reaching their privately-owned agricultural land.
Israeli soldiers responded with tear gas and sewage-smelling spray for several hours. Later in the afternoon, when much of the demonstration had dispersed, Israeli soldiers inexplicably resorted to using live ammunition. A young reporter with Press TV from Ni’lin, Mohammed Amireh, was grazed in the leg with live ammunition. He was wearing a vest that clearly identified him as a member of the press. Another videographer, Israeli David Reeb, was hit with a richocheting bullet in the thigh. He was transported to a hospital in Israel where he underwent surgery to retrieve bullet fragments.