Demonstration in Al-Ma’asara Commemorates Death of Local Activist

28 September 2009

maasara sept.This week, after a break for the month of Ramadan, the demonstrations against the Annexation Barrier, being constructed on the agricultural lands of Wadi An-Nis, Um Salamuna, and Al-Ma’asara, began again from the edge of Al-Ma’asara. The tone was more somber than usual, as the procession commemorated the loss of local organizer (and personal friend of PSP coordinators) Qaher Al-Din. Qaher was killed in a car accident, along with the driver and a French journalist, as he gave the foreign national a tour of the illegal settlements surrounding Al-Ma’asara. At this week’s demonstration residents of Al-Ma’asara, joined by friends of Qaher and international and Israeli activists, marched towards the agricultural lands which are being confiscated for the construction of the Annexation Barrier. They were, as usual, prevented from going anywhere near the fields by a group of Israeli soldiers who erected a barbed wire fence across the entrance to the village. Speeches were made at the fence in Arabic, Hebrew, and English remembering Qaher and his commitment to the popular resistance against the Occupation, before the group dispersed peacefully.