After Settlers Destroy Olive Trees, Activists Join Farmers to Harvest

2 November 2009

susia 10_29_09 smallThis week international and Israeli solidarity activists along with members of PSP, joined farmers near the Susiya settlement to harvest their remaining olives after several of their trees were cut down by settlers. The farmers arrived to their land one week ago to find trees across several dunums of land had been cut down and left to die on the arid ground. A few days later, the owners of the land returned to clear the area and harvest what they could from the felled trees and remaining groves. The settlers of the South Hebron Hills, where Susiya is located, are some of the most right-wing ideologically extreme in all of the West Bank. They have maintained a constant flow of economic destruction, violence, and harassment against the local Palestinian population while consistently trying to illegally expand and expropriate privately-owned land. When the farmers complain to the Israeli security forces, who are in charge of the area, they do nothing, and refuse to interfere when they see Israeli settlers trespassing on Palestinian land.