Live Ammunition Used in Ni’lin, Woman Breaches Soldier Line in Ma’asara

15 November 2009

palestine 043This Friday, demonstrations against the Annexation Barrier continued with more vigor after the successful dismantling of sections of the Wall in Ni’lin and Qalandia last week. In Ni’lin, the Israeli military forces seemed at first to be content with allowing the local demonstrators, accompanied by Israeli and international activists, to approach the concrete barrier, responding with a relatively small amount of tear gas. As the demonstration wore on, however, the soldiers seemed to have been waiting for the protesters to grow more bold. Suddenly, the army began opening fire with live ammunition, coming through the barrier and backing the demonstration back into the village. No serious injuries were reported.

In Al-Ma’sara, the residents held a march towards the Israeli soldiers, demanding, as they have every week for nearly 3 years, to access the agricultural land near the site of the Annexation Barrier. Speeches were made, including commemoration of the anniversary of Yassir Arafat’s death and a commitment to maintaining the resistance to the Wall and occupation. At one point, soldiers prevented youth from opening the barbed-wire barrier laid across the road every week, but a local woman who has been a constant presence at the demonstrations, managed to get across, waving a Palestinian flag defiantly behind the Israeli soldiers and their makeshift barrier.