Home Occupied By Israeli Forces in Beit Ommar

19 November 2009

house outsideLast night, November 17, at approximately 10pm soldiers occupied a home in Beit Ommar. The owner of the home, Khalid Sabarna is a doctor in Beit Ommar. Doctor Sabarna’s home, which is currently under construction, is approximately 1 kilometre from the main road. A group from Palestine Solidarity Project went to the house the next morning and observed the Israeli flag flying from house. Internationals and PSP members climbed the steps to the 2nd floor but were stopped by soldiers who refused to let them enter the house any further or take pictures. The soldier in charge said there was an officer coming to explain the situation, but the home owner had been waiting for this officer since 6am. After an hour the international volunteers climbed the stairs once more and were again stopped by the same officer. The internationals asked repeatedly why the house was being occupied but the soldier refused to give them an answer. The soldier stated that the officer coming had the occupation papers and refused to say why the house had been occupied or leave the home so construction could continue. The house is still occupied as of 9pm this evening.