Demonstrations Again in Jerusalem Against Continued Settler Attacks

28 November 2009

This Friday, November 27, Palestinians and Jews gathered in the center of Jerusalem to demonstrate against the continued violence and illegal expansion of right-wing settlers in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarra in East Jerusalem. In the early hours of Thursday, November 26, settlers who had already taken over the home of Ghawi family invaded the home next door, attacking residents of the Al-Kurd family before the police were called and the settlers were forced to leave. Though the entire incident, which occured at around 1am, happened inside the Al-Kurd family’s home, one settler accused the Palestinians of attacking him, filing a complaint with the Israeli police. The Palestinian residents were turned away when they attempted to file complaints themselves. This comes after several weeks of escalations on the part of the settlers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, including attacks on the tent where the Ghawi family has been living since they were evicted from their home in August.
Palestinians and Jewish and international solidarity activists marched through the streets of West Jerusalem, protesting the acts of the settlers and continued settlement expansion in Palestinian East Jerusalem. Some signs and chants pointed to Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu’s recent “compromise” of a 10 month settlement freeze, and its exclusion of settlement expansion in Jerusalem, which many peace activists say is at the heart of any final resolution.