5 Youth Arrested Overnight in Mass Military Invasion of Beit Ommar

3 December 2009

house 12_03 1At approximately 2am Wednesday, December 3, 25 Israeli military jeeps, carrying over 100 soldiers, entered the village of Beit Ommar in the Hebron District. They then set up three checkpoints inside the village, one on the north-west side of town near the city council building, and two in the center of the village. The soldiers split into 3 groups and began invading homes and destroying property. house 12_03 2They broke into the homes of Ahmed Abu Maria, a PSP volunteer, Ahsan Abu Ayyesh, Sa’id Abu Ayyesh, the father of Mehdi Abu Ayyesh who died in October after being shot in the head by an Israeli soldier last March, Ahmed Ikhlayl, Beder Ikhlayl, and Faisal Mahmoud Ikhmess. Soldiers invaded the homes with german shepherds, frightening the children who lived there and ransacking the houses. Soldiers stole money from the home of Sa’id Abu Ayyesh.

house 12_03 3During the invasion, 5 youth from the village were arrested: Yousef Abu Maria, 17, son of Ahmed Abu Maria, was arrested for the second time in 3 years. He has also been shot twice by the Israeli military in the last 3 years. Also arrested were Mohammed Sa’id Abu Ayyesh, son of Sa’id Abu Ayyesh and Mehdi’s brother, Nadem Ikhlayl, Mehdi ‘Adee, and Abed Bregieth. The 5 were taken to an undisclosed location, no reason for their arrests were given to the families.