Settlers Take Law Into Their Own Hands

3 December 2009

From Al Jazeera English


Note from PSP

We bring this story to our website not to condone or condemn the actions of the Palestinian who lightly wounded 2 Israeli settlers, or what he “deserved” but to point out the total lack of control or will to control the settler population by the Israeli military. The Palestinian population of the West Bank has no other recourse but the Israeli military involving incidents with Israeli settlers, though time and again the Israeli military has demonstrated and stated explicitely their inability to control the Israeli population in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. While the Israeli soldiers not only will not be punished, but in fact will be lauded for shooting the Palestinian man involved, they stand by and watch as Israeli “civilians” run over him with their car. The disparity between treatment of Palestinians involved in a crime and Israelis involved in a crime in the same geographical area under the law only represents one thing: Apartheid.