Friday Demonstrations in Ni’lin, Al-Ma’asara, and Shuqba

12 December 2009

A short re-cap of this Friday’s demonstrations:

in Ni’lin this week, dozens of local residents were accompanied by solidarity activists in their regular demonstration against the Annexation Barrier cutting through their agricultural land. While the demonstration passed much as usual, with demonstrators confronted with tear gas shot by the Israeli military beyond the concrete barrier, one young man was lightly wounded when shot in the leg with what is reportedly a ruger rifle, shooting .22 caliber bullets with a suppressor, making the shots much quieter and slightly slower. It is because of this element that the Israeli Military has consistently argued that the use of the ruger as a “crowd dispersal” weapon is appropriate as it is “non-lethal”, though at least 2 people were killed last year alone by this weaponry.

maasara 12_11_09 smallIn Al-Ma’asara, dozens of residents were joined by Israeli and international solidarity activists in their march to the edge of the village where they were stopped as usual by the Israeli military. One prominent professor from Betlehem University pledged legal and financial assistance to any soldier who would refuse to serve. The demonstration passed without incident.

Newly this week, the village of Shuqba, in the Ramallah district near Budrus and Bil’in, organized a demonstration in which more than 100 residents were joined by residents of Budrusn and Ni’lin, along with 5 Israeli activists, to march against the rock quarry built on their land by Israel. Some youth jumped into the quarry and hung a Palestinian flag on the heavy equipment, protesting the theft of their resources and land for Israeli settlements. A few Israeli soldiers were present and fired tear gas at the demonstrators, before calling for reinforcements, who arrived 10 minutes later, driving the protestors out of the area and removing the flag. No injuries were reported, though at least 1 long-range gas canister, the likes of which have killed and serious injured demonstrators in the area, was used.

Thanks to Anarchists Against the Wall for reports on Shuqba and Ni’lin