Two Arrested, One After Just Being Released, in Beit Ommar

21 December 2009

beit ommar house 12_22_09At approximately 2am Monday, December 21, 10 Israeli military jeeps entered the center of Beit Ommar. For the second time in 3 weeks, Mohammed Abu Ayyesh, brother of murdered teen Mehdi Abu Ayyesh, was arrested. Mohammed, who was originally arrested on December 3, was released last week. His brother, Tha’er, who was arrested on December 11, is still in Israeli custody. Last night, the home of Sa’id Abu Ayyesh was raided for the third time this month as Israeli soldiers tore apart the home and again arrested Mohammed, 24. His male and female family members were beaten as they tried to keep the soldiers from arresting him. The reason for his arrest is unknown.
Also arrested in Beit Ommar last night was Muntasir Al-Bregeith. His home was also torn apart by the soldiers, who did not take anything but caused fear and destruction. Muntasir was arrested earlier this year and held for 4 months in Administrative Detention, without charge or trial. He was released over the summer. A lawyer who contacted the Israeli military was told that both men were in Gush Etzion jail for “investigation”.