Bat ‘Ain Settlers Attack Beit Ommar Farmers as Soldiers Look On

9 January 2010

Three farmers from the Soleiby family, Jabber Soleiby, 42, his brother Hassan, 37, and cousin Fathi Soleiby, 42, were working their land in the Wadi Abu Rish area of Saffa, just under the Bat ‘Ain settlement early this morning when a crowd of approximately 40 settlers descended on them from the settlement, throwing stones, some with slingshots. The farmers fled the area, fearing they would be harmed. All three men, sons of Mohammed Soleiby and Abdullah Soleiby, know all too well how dangerous large crowds of settlers can be: Abdullah Soleiby, 82, had his skull fractured in April, 2009 by settlers who attacked him and his brother, holding Abdullah down as they bashed his head in with stones.

Israeli soldiers, who are in charge of “security” for the area, were nearby in both Bat ‘Ayn and in Saffa. Their solution to the settler violence: prevent the Palestinians in Saffa from entering or leaving the area freely. No one was seriously injured in the incident today.