3 More Arrested Overnight in Beit Ommar

23 January 2010

In the early morning hours of Saturday, January 23, nearly 100 Israeli soldiers and Shin Bet (Israeli intelligence) officers raided Beit Ommar, entering several homes before arresting three people: Hussein Ibrahim, age 17, Issa Mohammed Issa Awwad, age 21, and Muhanned Khaled Abu Awwad, 20. Israeli forces also entered the home of Thiab Al-Alami, 42, forcing him to strip before they would enter after which they occupied the roof of his house. Israeli forces threw a sound grenade into Muhammed’s house before invading it, terrifying several children inside. Muhanned is the son of Khaled Abu Awwad, a coordinator of the Bereaved Families Circle, a dialogue group of Israelis and Palestinians who have had family members killed during the struggle against the Israeli Occupation. This is in addition to 4 men arrested from Beit Ommar on January 21.