Israeli Military Tries to Run Over Grandmother

27 January 2010

On Tuesday afternoon, January 26, an Israeli military patrol of 3 jeeps entered the village of Beit Ommar and began harassing residents. After driving into the center of the village, they began shooting tear gas from the jeeps into groups of residents gathered on the street. Some local boys responded to the presence of occupation forces by throwing rocks at the jeeps. Israeli soldiers then left their jeeps and began chasing some of the boys and opening fire with live ammunition in at least one case. At one point, soldiers detained 16 year old Fathi Ahmed Mohammed Abu Maria outside his home. His grandmother approached the soldiers and Fathi and tried to prevent the detention (in the past few weeks 7 teens and young men from Beit Ommar have been arrested. At least some of them have been taken to the notorious Mascobieh interrogation center in Jerusalem. They can often be held for days or weeks without charge and subjected to harsh interrogation tactics and torture, including sleep deprivation, being forced into “stress” positions, and threatened with harm to themselves or their families if they do not inform on others from the village). When his grandmother tried to intervene, a soldier behind the wheel of one of the jeeps began driving forward and Fathi’s grandmother was moved out of the way just before the jeep passed where she had been standing.