3 Injured During Military Invasion in Saffa

6 February 2010

Either the Israeli military’s intelligence isn’t that good, or the unit(s) assigned to the Beit Ommar were just looking for a clash. This morning, Saturday, February 6, 7 military jeeps with 30 soldiers arrived in Saffa, a district of Beit Ommar that has been under intense military repression and settler violence for more than 8 months. They came, despite the fact that there was no planned action this week, as in weeks past during several tree-planting missions and follow-up visits after farmers were informed that the land was being declared Israeli “state land” and therefore the more than 800 trees planted in the area would be uprooted.

Their arrival, and closing of the only street in Saffa, provoked local youth. The soldiers opened fire with tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at gathering teen boys who began throwing stones at the armored jeeps. 3 boys were moderately injured with rubber-coated steel bullets.