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30 Mar 2010
15 Arrested As Palestinians Breach Jerusalem Checkpoint From Bethlehem

Update All 15 detainees, including the 10 Palestinians who were held for 5 days in military prison have been released. At a hearing at Ofer prison for the 10 Palestinians in an unusual ruling, the judge admonished the Israeli police for arresting “non-violent” protesters.

video and photos from ActiveStills

On Sunday, March 28, approximately 200 Palestinians, Christians and Muslim supporters along with international and Israeli solidarity activists, marched from the center of Bethlehem towards the Gilo checkpoint, a massive terminal checkpoint in the Annexation Wall dividing Bethlehem from Jerusalem. The demonstrators were demanding access to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, where Christians traditionally hold a procession on the Sunday before Easter.

The demonstrators successfully and non-violently crossed the checkpoint by overwhelming the … Continue reading

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23 Mar 2010
Returning to Saffa, Farmers, Activists Challenge IDF

Saturday morning in a mass solidarity action organized by Palestine Solidarity Project, a group of over 30 international and Israeli activists accompanied farmers from Saffa, Beit Ommar as they together cleared rocks from fields and prepared land for planting olive trees. Israeli soldiers and Border Police arrived within the hour and declared the field a Closed Military Zone as the agricultural work constituted a threat to the security of the illegal settlement.

On the trail back to Saffa local youths attached Palestinian flags to the front of jeeps in defiance of the heavily armed soldiers.

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21 Mar 2010
Second Teen Dies Overnight After IDF Shooting in Iraq Burin

photograph from FLV at Palestine Monitor

A second teen, 19 year-old Useid Qaddus, died early Sunday morning after being shot in the head with live ammunition during a demonstration in Iraq Burin, Nablus region, on Saturday. Mohammed Qaddus, 16, was killed after being shot in the heart on the same day. Though the Israeli military officially denied using live ammunition, photographs of entry and exit wounds in Mohammed, taken by a B’tselem field worker, as well as x-rays obtained from the hospital for both youth clearly identify a live bullet lodged in the skull of Useid and wounds that could only be caused by live ammunition.

The killings occurred Saturday, when local residents marched on their land against settlement expansion … Continue reading

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21 Mar 2010

Friday night, after a demonstration in Beit Ommar in solidarity with Jerusalem, Yousef Abu Maria and Ahmed Abu Hashem (Abu Maria) both had their homes raided by the Israeli military. Yousef, who was detained at a demonstration on Route 60 two weeks previously, the coordinator of the National Committee of Beit Ommar and a PSP organizer, was beaten as soldiers invaded his home, overturning furniture and threatening more violence if demonstrations continued. They also questioned him about his brother, Mousa, whose home was raided two weeks previously, along with the Palestine Solidarity Project’s office.

Ahmed Abu Hashem, a prominent activist in Beit Ommar, also had his home broken into in the early hours or Saturday morning, and threatened with … Continue reading

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20 Mar 2010
Beit Ommar Marches In Solidarity With Jerusalem

At 13:25 Friday afternoon 8 Military jeeps and personnel carriers invaded Beit Ommar in force firing dozens of rounds of rubber coated steel bullets, stun grenades and at least 40 tear gas grenades. The town youth forced the army and Border Police to retreat to the outskirts of the town with a constant barrage of stones.

In a co-ordinated series of non-violent protests across the West Bank today thousands of Palestinians protested peacefully against the Israeli restrictions imposed on access to the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, part of a week-long clampdown on Palestinians in Jerusalem which began when the Israeli government announced the construction of 1500 new housing units in East Jerusalem.

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20 Mar 2010
Arrests, Injuries and a Broken Barrier in Friday Demonstrations

During this week, Friday demonstrations were held in Nabi Saleh and Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem against settlement expansion, and Bil’in, Ni’lin, Al-Ma’asara, and Budrus against the Annexation Barrier and in commemoration of the 7 year anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie.
In Nabi Saleh, an international from the International Solidarity Movement was shot from close range in the arm with a rubber-coated steel bullet, breaking her wrist and causing her to be hospitalized. Additionally, three Palestinians, one holding Israeli and American citizenship (ISM co-founder Huwaida Arraf) along with 2 male residents of Nabi Saleh were arrested while trying to prevent the Israeli military from firing on people helping to evacuation of the injured international.
Arraf was released the next … Continue reading

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19 Mar 2010

Mohammed Qadus, 16, was shot in the chest and killed by Israeli forces in his home village of Iraq Burin, south of Nablus, during a demonstration Friday. Red Crescent medics reported that he was taken by private car to a hospital after their ambulance was detained by Israeli forces. Qadus was killed for participating in a demonstration that has become a weekly occurrence in this small village, protesting the presence of right-wing illegal Israeli settlements and the attempted expansion of those settlements on Iraq Burin’s land.

Another 16 year old was seriously wounded when he was shot in the head, also reportedly with live ammunition.

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18 Mar 2010

Freedom of movement for Palestinians was severely disrupted yesterday across the West Bank as Israeli Occupation Forces set up numerous flying roadblocks and closed down towns and villages using steel barriers and concrete blocks. Around Halhul and Hebron access to Routes 35 and 60 was subject to long delays of up to 2 hours and traffic ground to a halt as Israeli soldiers checked identity papers and vehicles. Scuffles broke out between drivers in the queues of traffic at the flying roadblock at Halhul as tempers frayed.

The town of Beit Ommer was locked down by for the second day as Israeli Occupation Forces once again invaded and fired tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets at youths in the … Continue reading

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16 Mar 2010
Protests Continue in Beit Jala Against the Construction of the Annexation Barrier

Members of the National Committee of Bait Ommar and Palestine Solidarity Project joined with more than 50 residents of Beit Jala, Bethlehem District, who marched Sunday morning in another attempt to reach their land which is cut off by illegal settlements and the construction of the Annexation Barrier. They were accompanied by around 20 Israeli and international solidarity activists with banners and flags.

The peaceful demonstration was disrupted by Israeli Occupation Forces who blocked off the route with military vehicles and without any provocation threw sound bombs into the crowd as it approached. Despite these intimidating tactics the demonstrators approached the soldiers and sat down on the street in … Continue reading

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16 Mar 2010

From Ma’an News Agency

Dozens of masked soldiers raided the West Bank villages of Bil’in and Nil’in Monday morning to post decrees designating the village’s lands closed military zones on Fridays for a period of six months, residents said.

The areas between the wall and built up villages will be declared closed military zones every Friday between 8am and 8pm for six months, the military decrees read.

According to a statement issued by Bil’in’s Popular Committee, the move comes one week after the head of the Israeli Shin Bet threatened to step-up action against the Palestinian popular struggle in the two villages that see weekly protests against the separation wall’s construction.

The Popular Committee said the decrees went into effect on 17 February, … Continue reading