Bat ‘Ayn Settlers Again Set Fire to Trees in Saffa

13 March 2010

On March 11, 2010 at about 19:00 settlers from Bat Ayn set fire to trees in the valley below the neighborhood of Saffa, Bait Ommar. Members of the National Committee from Bait Ommar arrived in Saffa shortly after and attempted to record the incident. Two members were detained briefly by the Israeli Occupation Forces when they attempted to photograph the fires and were released.

Villagers tried to descend into the valley to put out the fires but were prevented from doing so and were met with tear gas from the Israeli occupation soldiers. A fire engine was also unable to deal with the fires.

Palestine Solidarity Project, along with Rabbis for Human Rights and the YMCA has planted 1400 olive trees in recent months to replace those repeatedly burnt, uprooted and destroyed by Bat Ayn settlers under the protection of the Israeli Occupation Forces.