Protests Continue in Beit Jala Against the Construction of the Annexation Barrier

16 March 2010

Members of the National Committee of Bait Ommar and Palestine Solidarity Project joined with more than 50 residents of Beit Jala, Bethlehem District, who marched Sunday morning in another attempt to reach their land which is cut off by illegal settlements and the construction of the Annexation Barrier. They were accompanied by around 20 Israeli and international solidarity activists with banners and flags.

The peaceful demonstration was disrupted by Israeli Occupation Forces who blocked off the route with military vehicles and without any provocation threw sound bombs into the crowd as it approached. Despite these intimidating tactics the demonstrators approached the soldiers and sat down on the street in front of them while the organisers tried to reason with the IOF soldiers and Border Police. Unlike the protest yesterday in Bait Omar, organised by the National Committee of Bait Omar, press crews and journalists were not assaulted.

After making a peaceful protest for over an hour the demonstration marched back to the town square.