Beit Ommar Organizers Get Overnight Visit from Israeli Forces, Again

21 March 2010

Friday night, after a demonstration in Beit Ommar in solidarity with Jerusalem, Yousef Abu Maria and Ahmed Abu Hashem (Abu Maria) both had their homes raided by the Israeli military. Yousef, who was detained at a demonstration on Route 60 two weeks previously, the coordinator of the National Committee of Beit Ommar and a PSP organizer, was beaten as soldiers invaded his home, overturning furniture and threatening more violence if demonstrations continued. They also questioned him about his brother, Mousa, whose home was raided two weeks previously, along with the Palestine Solidarity Project’s office.

Ahmed Abu Hashem, a prominent activist in Beit Ommar, also had his home broken into in the early hours or Saturday morning, and threatened with arrest if the demonstrations in Beit Ommar continued.

Ahmed was given a summons to appear before the Israeli intelligence service (Shabak) for interrogation. He reportedly tore up the summons, telling the soldiers that if they wanted him, they knew where to find him.