Second Teen Dies Overnight After IDF Shooting in Iraq Burin

21 March 2010

photograph from FLV at Palestine Monitor

A second teen, 19 year-old Useid Qaddus, died early Sunday morning after being shot in the head with live ammunition during a demonstration in Iraq Burin, Nablus region, on Saturday. Mohammed Qaddus, 16, was killed after being shot in the heart on the same day. Though the Israeli military officially denied using live ammunition, photographs of entry and exit wounds in Mohammed, taken by a B’tselem field worker, as well as x-rays obtained from the hospital for both youth clearly identify a live bullet lodged in the skull of Useid and wounds that could only be caused by live ammunition.

The killings occurred Saturday, when local residents marched on their land against settlement expansion and settler violence. During the demonstration, rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas were shot at demonstrators, and live ammunition was shot in the air to disperse the crowd. After the demonstrators returned to the village, and had mostly dispersed, the Israeli military invaded the village and began firing live ammunition at young men, some of whom were throwing stones.

Mohammed, Shortly before he was killed

The Israeli military continues to use the act of teens throwing stones as a reasonable excuse for shooting to kill. Though no Israeli soldier has ever been fatally injured by a thrown stone (usually wearing combat gear during such invasions, which include helmets and bullet-proof vests), hundreds of Palestinians have been killed with “stone-throwing” as the rationale for using fatal force.