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25 Apr 2010
Demonstrators Climb Bulldozers in Beit Jala

Despite razor wire, tear gas and squads of Israeli soldiers in their way 15 Palestinians, Israelis and PSP activists broke the barrier at Beit Jala this afternoon and unfurled banners on the bulldozers destroying the olive groves on their land for construction of the Annexation Barrier. Demonstrations began in Beit Jala last month when the construction of the Barrier began anew in this area just south of Jerusalem. Yesterday, a playground and garden were destroyed by the Israeli bulldozers to clear land in Beit Jala and the nearby village of Al-Walaja. This construction is part of the enormous “Jerusalem envelope” section of the Barrier, used to annex a huge swath of land surrounding Jerusalem to make room … Continue reading

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25 Apr 2010
1 Arrested at Demonstration in Beit Ommar

A peaceful demonstration at Karmei Tsur this afternoon calling for the release of Ahmed Abu Hashem, detained in a night raid on Thursday in Beit Ommar, was broken up by Israeli soldiers throwing stun grenades and shooting tear gas and rubber coated bullets at the protesters and children present. A member of PSP and the National Committee of Beit Ommar, Eyad Jamil Al Alami, was arrested by soldiers for carrying a placard calling for the release of Ahmed Abu Hashem and taken away to a military jeep. Mousa Abu Maria was struck in the ribs by a stun grenade which exploded on contact causing bruising. Dozens of protesters, including Israeli and international activists, suffered tear gas inhalation as they … Continue reading

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23 Apr 2010
Beit Ommar National Committee Member, 4 Others Arrested

Just before 1am Friday morning 8 Israeli military Armoured Personnel Carriers entered Beit Ommar and began a series of raids into Palestinian homes. An international eyewitness of the first arrest of Yousef Sabarneh reports:

“At 00:50am a convoy of 8 Israeli Armoured Personnel Carriers and jeeps screeched to a halt outside the home of the Sabarneh family in Beit Ommar. Armed soldiers surrounded the house and spotlights from the military vehicles lit up the 3 story house. The family were given 2 minutes to leave the building by an Israeli soldiers shouting in Arabic over a loudspeaker. After the warning expired stun grenades were thrown through the closed windows of the first floor where the family had gathered. Shortly afterwards … Continue reading

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22 Apr 2010
Israeli Settlement Dumps Sewage in Beit Ommar Agricultural Land

Overnight Wednesday, April 21, thousands of gallons of sewage have been deliberately pumped onto 75 dunums (25 acres) of vineyards by settlers from Gush Etzion. The farmers in Beit Ommar have just started picking vine leaves which, with the harvest of grapes, constitutes their total livelihood. The fetid water was pumped from a 100mm pipe which protrudes several metres through the boundary fence of Gush Etzion settlement; whoever opened the valve did so in full knowledge that it would flood dozens of fields contaminating the fruit and destroying the harvest.

This eco-terrorism has regularly been used against the farmers in the village. PSP has provided copies of the photographic evidence … Continue reading

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17 Apr 2010
6 Year-Old Shot by Settlement Security in Beit Ommar

Sa’ed Ahmed Abu Maria is just 6 years old and is a normal Beit Ommar kid who loves riding on his dads tractor. He was shot in the leg with a plastic coated steel bullet Wednesday afternoon by an Israeli settlement security guard who took offense at his father plowing the land his family have farmed for generations next to the Karmei Tsur settlement. Sa’ed is the son of Ahmed Abu Maria, a member of the Beit Ommar National Committee.

No reason can be found that might have provoked the settler into shooting young Sa’ed.

No warning was given that the guard was about to open fire. The wound … Continue reading

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17 Apr 2010
Israeli Forces Blockade Beit Ommar, Using Human Shield and Facing Student Sit-in

Friday morning, April 16, Beit Ommar woke up to huge blocks of concrete across the entrance to the town and a locked steel barrier which cut off all vehicular access. Other back roads were similarly blocked and pedestrians were questioned by Israeli soldiers checking all IDs.

Around 11 am four jeeps started towards the main street to provoke the youth of the town who replied in the traditional manner by throwing small stones at the vehicles. The Israeli troops set up snipers on a rooftop and other soldiers fired rubber coated bullets at the group of youths. A pair of soldiers grabbed a passing kid of 12 or 13 by the scruff of his neck and forced him to walk … Continue reading

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16 Apr 2010
Beit Ommar Students Protest Settlements

Wednesday, April 14, the student committee of the Palestine Solidarity Project held a 2 hour demonstration at the fence of Karmei Tsur settlement before being dispersed by Israeli soldiers and settler security using live ammunition.

At 3 o’clock a group of 25 young men and women from Beit Ommar approached the razor wire fence of the nearest Israeli settlement to the town carrying hand-written placards and chanting slogans calling for the end to the illegal settlements. The students posed no threat to the 4 jeeps full of heavily armed soldiers and 2 trucks of armed settler security who arrived on the scene however the peaceful demonstration against land theft was broken up initially by tear gas grenades. The retreating students were … Continue reading

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10 Apr 2010
Update: All Palestinians Arrested in Saffa Released on Bail

11 Arrested, Including 2 Palestinians from PSP, in Saffa Protest Against Settlement Expansion

Saturday afternoon a group of around 50 farmers and residents of Saffa attempted to remove a stone and concrete structure erected on their land by settlers from Bat Ayn. The farmers were accompanied by members of PSP, the National Committee of Beit Ommar, Israeli activists and members of the international press.

On arrival at the structure, which was being guarded by 3 jeeps of soldiers of Israeli army, the Palestinians began to take the structure down. The soldiers forced the farmers away from the site into nearby trees where a number of the group sat down and refused to move from their land. Continue reading

Arrest, Beit Ommar »

5 Apr 2010

Update: at approximately 1:30 pm Monday, after calls from several people in the Palestinian Government, Mousa Abu Maria was kissed on the head by the head of the police in Hebron, apologized to, and released from custody. The police claimed they didn’t know who he was when they illegally arrested him the night before. They would not explain why he and Younis Arrar from the National Committee of Beit Ommar were on their list of people to arrest and claimed they were looking for car thieves during their operation in Beit Ommar overnight.

While Salam Fayyad and other PA minsters march in Bil’in declaring their support of the Popular Resistance, the Palestinian police have continued to repress any such … Continue reading