Beit Ommar Students Protest Settlements

16 April 2010

Wednesday, April 14, the student committee of the Palestine Solidarity Project held a 2 hour demonstration at the fence of Karmei Tsur settlement before being dispersed by Israeli soldiers and settler security using live ammunition.

At 3 o’clock a group of 25 young men and women from Beit Ommar approached the razor wire fence of the nearest Israeli settlement to the town carrying hand-written placards and chanting slogans calling for the end to the illegal settlements. The students posed no threat to the 4 jeeps full of heavily armed soldiers and 2 trucks of armed settler security who arrived on the scene however the peaceful demonstration against land theft was broken up initially by tear gas grenades. The retreating students were then fired upon using plastic coated bullets; luckily no-one was seriously injured although several people were treated for inhalation of the gas.

Beit Ommar farmers have lost over 8,000 dunums of fertile farmland to the illegal settlements and are suffering increasing economic hardship through the enforcement of Apartheid laws by the Israeli occupation forces. A further 10,000 dunums is under threat of arbitrary confiscation.