6 Year-Old Shot by Settlement Security in Beit Ommar

17 April 2010

Sa’ed Ahmed Abu Maria is just 6 years old and is a normal Beit Ommar kid who loves riding on his dads tractor. He was shot in the leg with a plastic coated steel bullet Wednesday afternoon by an Israeli settlement security guard who took offense at his father plowing the land his family have farmed for generations next to the Karmei Tsur settlement. Sa’ed is the son of Ahmed Abu Maria, a member of the Beit Ommar National Committee.

No reason can be found that might have provoked the settler into shooting young Sa’ed.

No warning was given that the guard was about to open fire. The wound could have been lethal if the bullet had struck a couple of feet higher but Sa’ed was lucky. Once the painkillers wear off Sa’ed will be in agony for days but, even if he doesn’t understand today why he was shot, he wont forget it was a resident of a settlement, built on land that would have belonged to him.