Demonstration at Karmei Tsur Settlement Violently Disrupted

1 May 2010

video below

In an action organised by the National Committee of Beit Ommar and the Palestine Solidarity Project, a group of Beit Ommar farmers and their families gathered Saturday afternoon, May 1, at the gates of Karmei Tsur settlement demanding access to their land inside the fence to inspect the 20 almond trees cut down by settlers this week.Two army jeeps arrived within minutes and the Israeli soldiers gave the farmers 5 minutes to leave however immediately fired tear gas into the crowd causing panic amongst the children present. Six soldiers with automatic weapons at the ready then rushed through the gates whilst their colleagues fired more gas at the retreating villagers.
Mohammed Awad, member of the National Committee, was thrown to the ground and beaten by 2 soldiers for filming their aggressive action. He was carried from the scene by ambulance suffering also from severe tear gas inhalation.

Several army jeeps have invaded the village firing tear gas, stun grenades and rubber coated steel bullets apparently indiscriminately. An international solidarity activist was briefly detained by the Israeli army but managed to escape through vineyards. A number of foreign press crews were present to record the violent response to this peaceful rally and one was physically attacked.