Settlers March as Palestinians on Lockdown

17 May 2010

Last Wednesday, May 12, 500 settlers from the Karmei Zur settlement, which is located south of Beit Ummar, blocked the Route 60, which links Jerusalem to Hebron. Settlers walked all the way to Gush Etzion settlement with the help and protection of the Israeli army and police, causing a roadblock for five hours. They also blocked the access to Beit Ummar and Al Aroub Refugee camp for two hours.

At the settlers’ request, Israeli army and police ensured that no Palestinian would disturb their protest, which is against the police and army mandate. They were more concerned about the march than about all the traffic blocked and commotion it caused to the cars driving by.

When Palestinians held demonstrations in the same road outside Beit Ommar, they were met with tear gas and bullets.