Funeral for Woman Killed by Speeding Settler Attacked by IDF

1 June 2010

Early on May 31st, the people of Beit Ommar received news that Fatma Elyaan Sabarneh, age 55, who was hit yesterday by a settler who was speeding on route 60, had died in a hospital in Hebron. A funeral procession was subsequently organized by villagers, in which hundreds followed the casket down the main road towards the village`s cemetery.

Immediately following the burial at around 2:00 p.m., the Israeli military prevented the crowd from walking towards Road 60, after which a confrontation ensued between Palestinian youth and soldiers. Soldiers began grabbing Palestinians from the crowd, including PSP coordinator Mousa Abu Maria, and tried to use them as human shields in front of their jeeps, though they were unsuccessful. The heavily armed occupation forces responded to a few stones with dozens of tear gas canisters and physical force. The clashes lasted until about 4:00 p.m., with several houses being hit by tear gas and at least one field catching fire from the high temperature of the canisters.

Organizers of the march added that it was also intended to express Beit Ommar`s solidarity with the victims of the Free Gaza flotilla, who were killed by Israeli commandos last night in International waters, and to protest Israel`s blockade, which according to human rights organizations is responsible for a humanitarian crisis in the strip.