100+ March in Wad Rahhal

5 June 2010

On June 4, well over 100 people participated in the third Friday demonstration against the wall in Wad Rahhal. They walked past the settlement of Efrat, along the planned Wall route until met by two Israeli military jeeps. (Later a third jeep pulled up.)

Boys stood in front of the march, facing the Israeli military, one with a sign in Hebrew reading No Wall. Many carried flags, including the Turkish flag, and spoke words of solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza and with the passengers of the humanitarian aid flotilla.

The marchers were nonviolent. A handful of settlers, including two children wearing bicycle helmets, stood on a hill above the road and watched the peaceful demonstration. No tear gas was used by the military. It likely would have affected the settler observers as well as the Palestinian, Israeli, and international demonstrators.

Also on Friday, a demonstration in Bil’in commemorating the loss of the solidarity activists aboard the Free Gaza flotilla was met with tear gas and arrests, including the arrest of Free Gaza organizer Huwaida Arraf, who had just been released after being siezed off the Freedom Flotilla day before. 2 others were arrested.