International Activist Arrested at Beit Ommar Solidarity Demo with Flotilla

5 June 2010

Jamie, a British national, was arrested today during a demonstration in Beit Ommar. While the main group of Palestinians were prevented from participating, a small group including PSP activists and Beit Ommar National Committee members, walked through the fence that was cut open in a previous demonstration and marched along Route 60 (not stopping traffic), carrying Turkish and Palestinian flags. They were soon corralled into an area in front of a shop where they stopped and made speeches of solidarity with the people on the Freedom Flotilla, the recently stopped Rachel Corrie boat, as well as the 3 people injured and 2 killed by settlers in the last week in the Hebron area. Participants wore black bands around their arms and mouths, representing the mourning for the people killed on the Turkish aid ship the Mavi Marmara as well as the attempt of the Israeli military to silence the voices of the activists who participated. As they made their way back into the village, the large military presence following them, they stopped to hold their flags in front of the Israeli military tower at the entrance to Beit Ommar. One international, supported by Palestinian participants, climbed the wall and stuck a Palestinian flag on the structure surrounding the tower. After marching a few more feet, he was pulled out of the crowd and arrested.

He is being accused of assaulting a soldier, though there is videotape showing him standing holding a poster seconds before he is grabbed and thrown to the ground by three soldiers. He is expected to appear in Israeli court Sunday morning.