Beit Ommar Demonstration Makes Noise at Settlement

5 July 2010

In an action organised by the National committee of Beit Ommar and the Palestine Solidarity Project a group of Palestinians joined by Israeli and International activists marched to the gate of Karmei Tsur Settlement and protested the expropriation of local farmers’ land Saturday, July 3. Making noise with world-cup inspired vuvuzelas, the demonstrators were confronted at the gate by Israeli soldiers and private security of the illegal settlement.

Israeli forces broke their way through the gate and pushed the protesters, including children. The settler security spat several times in the direction of the Palestinian demonstrators. After the area was declared a closed military area the demonstrators slowly dispersed, with Israeli forces shooting tear gas in their direction.

Karmei Tsur is one of a number of illegal settlements surrounding Beit Ommar. It was established in 1984 and has resulted in the continual theft of private Palestinian farmland.