1 Injured in Ma’asara’s Anti-Wall Demonstration

26 July 2010

More than 100 mostly international solidarity activists convened in the streets of Al Ma’asara on Friday, July 23rd, to march against the construction of the Annexation Barrier in neighboring Um Salamuna. The group, made alive by drummers and a chorus of anti-occupation chants, made its way onto the main road toward the now inaccessible Palestinian land. Military jeeps immediately sped down to block the alternate route. Soldiers jumped out, detained a journalist and photographer, and forcefully pushed the nonviolent demonstrators off of the road. As the crowd stood on the side of the road, soldiers attempted to arrest an international and began throwing sound bombs and tear gas directly into the crowd. As the gas cleared and the demonstrators regrouped, the soldiers were seen leaving the area – a bizarre act after such excessive use of “crowd dispersal methods.” A French international was injured in the side of the head by shrapnel and sent to the hospital to have her wound stitched and checked for hearing loss.