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Beit Ommar, Hebron District »

28 Aug 2010
Beit Ommar and Hebron Protests Continue Despite Ramadan Fatigue

In spite of the heat and Ramadan fatigue, protesters gathered today in Beit Ommar to protest the theft of the village’s land by the illegal Karmei Tsur settlement. A group of about 15 protesters marched through the fields of the the Abu Hashem family toward the fence that separates the settlement from the village, but were stopped before they could reach it by a line of Israeli soldiers outnumbering the protesters nearly 2 to 1. The soldiers drew a line in the dirt and informed the crowed that anyone who crossed it would be arrested. After about 15 minutes they push the crowd back about 30 feet and made the same announcement. Despite being outnumbered the demonstrators stood their ground … Continue reading

Apartheid Wall, Betlehem District, Nabi Saleh »

27 Aug 2010
Sound Grenade and Tear Gas Assaults Continue in al-Ma’asara, Rubber Coated Bullets Fired on Protesters in Nabi Saleh

Two activists were arrested today in al-Ma’asara as demonstrations continued against the construction of the Annexation Barrier and the theft of the villages land by the Efrat settlement. A group of about 25 protesters marched with flags and a bullhorn from the center of town to the main road, where they were confronted by a line of heavily armed Israeli soldiers. Protesters chanted “soldiers go home” and gave speeches against the occupation and settlement expansion. Soldiers pushed back against demonstrators, who sat down and raised their arms in protest. After about twenty minutes soldiers began shooting sound grenades and tear gas into the crowd. Several activists were hit, but no serious injuries were reported. Two Israeli activists were arrested from … Continue reading

East Jerusalem, Hebron District »

22 Aug 2010
Hebron Parade Celebrates Shop Owner Resilience, Sheik Jarrah Protests Continue

Crowds of activists paraded through the old city of Hebron on Saturday in celebration of the old city’s shop owners, who have kept their doors open despite increased pressure by the Israeli military to close up shop. A battalion of high-spirited drummers led a crowd of forty to fifty activists, who handed out certificates of appreciation to the many merchants who have refused to cave to the Israeli military’s increased intimidation and coercion. The Israeli army has been pressuring merchants in the old city to close their stores, blaming the weekly demonstrations in the old city for the increased harassment. By blaming the demonstrators the army has attempted to turn Palestinians against each other, sabotaging community ties and discouraging resistance. … Continue reading

Apartheid Wall »

21 Aug 2010
Protestors Raise Puppet Against the Wall, Bind and Blindfold Themselves in Protest

Protesters gathered in al-Walaja, al-Ma’asara and Bil’in this Friday for weekly demonstrations against the Annexation Barrier. Protesters in al-Walaja raised a large puppet in protest of the wall, while protesters in al-Ma’asara and Bil’in symbolically bound and blindfolded themselves during the demonstrations. The blindfolded protesters were intending to protest the recent Israeli “Facebook Scandal,” which erupted when news media began reporting on Israeli soldiers who had posted pictures of themselves on Facebook posing with bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners. The scandal has caused an international outcry, exposing the degrading treatment suffered by Palestinian prisoners and the extent to which the Israeli military has dehumanized Palestinians. One Norwegian activist was arrested during the Bil’in demonstration. A journalist was wounded, and … Continue reading

Direct Action, Gaza »

20 Aug 2010
Live Rounds Fired on Protesters Removing Razor Wire in Gaza Buffer Zone

On Tuesday, protesters gathered deep within the Israeli established ‘buffer zone’ near the village of Beit Hanoun, on the north east edge of the Gaza Strip. Many residents of Beit Hanoun have lost land to the buffer zone, a 300 meter no-go zone which constitutes 20% of the most arable land in Gaza. Demonstrators began cutting the razor wire which stretches through middle of the buffer zone, successfully removing 10 meters of wire before soldiers began firing rounds of live ammunition over the crowd. No casualties were reported as a result of the shooting, but several injuries were sustained during the removal of the fence.

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Settler Violence »

17 Aug 2010
Update: Palestinian Youth Shot by Israeli Settler Threatened with Arrest as Settler Sits at Home

Ibrahim Muhammad Biss’s curiosity was slightly piqued when a car driving slowly along Route 60 came to a halt in front of him and his group of friends at the entrance to the Aroub refugee camp just north of Beit Ommar on a Thursday in early June. 16-year- old Ibrahim, who lives in the camp, was waiting for traffic to pass so he could cross the street to enter the Aroub Agricultural College. Assuming the driver was stopping to ask the boys for directions, Ibrahim watched as the middle-aged man lowered the window.

Instead of an inquiring foreigner, Ibrahim found himself facing an Israeli settler pointing a handgun at … Continue reading

Beit Ommar »

8 Aug 2010
Tear Gas Showered on Beit Ommar Demonstration; 2 Injured

On a particularly hot Saturday, August 7, Approximately 50 Palestinian, International and Israeli activists marched once again towards the Karmei Tsur settlement. This week’s demonstration was to protest in particular a new order from the District Commander of the Israeli Army that a further 10 dunums of Palestinian agricultural land (2.5 acres) is off-limits to its owners, presumably to be annexed to the settlement. The demonstrators therefore made their way through that land towards the settlement but were met with a large force of Israeli soldiers in the fields well before they reached the perimeter fence. The group, which included women and children, attempted to make their way … Continue reading

Apartheid Wall »

7 Aug 2010
Al Ma'asara is Not Deterred

Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals, this time with a large group of Canadians, convened in Al Ma’asara on Friday to march toward the site of the unfinished Annexation Barrier visible from the edge of the village. Although construction of the barrier is currently halted, most of the work is done with the base of the wall and the patrol road already cutting through land belonging to residents of Al Ma’asara, Um Salamuna, Wadi An-Nis, and others in the area.

Demonstrators were stopped, per usual, by soldiers before reaching the main road. In honor of the 65 year anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, participants chanted slogans calling out parallels … Continue reading