Protestors Raise Puppet Against the Wall, Bind and Blindfold Themselves in Protest

21 August 2010

Protesters gathered in al-Walaja, al-Ma’asara and Bil’in this Friday for weekly demonstrations against the Annexation Barrier. Protesters in al-Walaja raised a large puppet in protest of the wall, while protesters in al-Ma’asara and Bil’in symbolically bound and blindfolded themselves during the demonstrations. The blindfolded protesters were intending to protest the recent Israeli “Facebook Scandal,” which erupted when news media began reporting on Israeli soldiers who had posted pictures of themselves on Facebook posing with bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners. The scandal has caused an international outcry, exposing the degrading treatment suffered by Palestinian prisoners and the extent to which the Israeli military has dehumanized Palestinians. One Norwegian activist was arrested during the Bil’in demonstration. A journalist was wounded, and many protesters suffered tear gas inhalation.