Israeli Settlers Shoot at Beit Ommar Farmers

7 October 2010

On Wednesday, October 6th, 2010, Israeli settlers from Karmei Tsur shot at three Palestinian farmers from Beit Ommar as they were working their lands twenty meters away from the settlement fence. At around 3pm, three settlers behind the fence shouted at Ahmed Abu Hashem, Ali Ayyad Awad, and Ali’s 16-year-old son as they were using a tractor to work their fields. The settlers shouted at them to leave the area before two of the settlers began shooting live bullets directly at the farmers. The farmers sought cover behind their tractor as at least six shots were fired. Fortunately there were no injuries. Two settler security cars were present near the fence at the time of the attack, but they did nothing to stop the shooting. Settlers from Karmei Tsur, which is built on land taken from Beit Ommar villagers, have repeatedly harassed farmers as they try to work their lands close to the settlement fence.