PSP Committee Member Arrested While Photographing Settlement Expansion

13 October 2010

Mohammad was released at 5:00pm the same day without charge after being questioned by police at the Kiryat Arba Settlement in Hebron.

On Wednesday, October 13th, Israeli Forces arrested Mohammad Ayyad Awad, from Beit Ommar, as he and a member of the press were documenting bulldozers working on expanding the nearby settlement of Karmei Tsur. The press photographer was briefly detained and then released, but Mohammad was taken into custody and brought to the police station at Kiryat Arba Settlement.

Mohammad is the media spokesperson for the Palestine Solidarity Project, and he is also a member of the National Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Beit Ommar. When Mohammad was arrested around 11:30am, he was merely documenting the settlement expansion on Beit Ommar land, and was not preventing the bulldozers from working.

Since Monday, October 14th, several bulldozers have been clearing land for the expansion of the Karmei Tsur Settlement. This land is part of 120 dunums that belongs to the Abu Ayyesh family from Beit Ommar. The land was appropriated by the Israeli State in 2006. Currently, Israeli settlers are building on 20 dunums of this land, just one week after the settlement freeze expired.