Farmers Continue to Work in Saffa Valley

15 October 2010

On Thursday, October 14th a Palestinian farmer from Saffa, accompanied by members of the National Committee in Beit Ommar along with international solidarity activists, cleared brush on his land near the Israeli settlement of Beit Ayn. Farmers in the Saffa Valley are preparing the land to plant several thousand trees in December to keep the land from being annexed to settlement.

After about an hour or working, two Israeli soldiers appeared at the top of the hill, about 150 meters away from where the group was working. They shouted at the farmers to stop working the land and to come towards the soldiers. The farmers ignored the soldiers and continued to clear the land. The soldiers continued screaming at the farmers for half an hour before they finally came down to the farmers and demanded to see the ID of one of the National Committee activists. The activist did not have it with him, at which point the soldiers called for more Israeli Forces to come to the area. The farmers stayed in the area for another ten minutes without any more harassment from the soldiers before finishing their work and returning home.