Two Beit Ommar Residents Injured in Settler Hit and Run

25 October 2010

On October 25th, 2010, a Palestinian couple from the village of Beit Ommar were injured after an Israeli settler vehicle ran them off the road in the early evening. Wael Awwad Badran Awwad 28, and his wife Sarah Jowwad Fu’ad Qutina 25, were driving to the city of Hebron on Route 60, when a settler car forced him off the road and then sped away. The couple sustained moderate injuries and are currently in the Ahil Hospital in Hebron. Sarah, who is four months pregnant, suffered from a broken wrist and leg. Wael sustained several broken ribs as a result of the hit and run. The front of their car was badly damaged.

In a previous attack in 2003, Wael was shot by a settler while driving on the road to Nablus. He was evacuated by helicopter to a hospital in Israel, and the bullet remains in his body. Since the attack, Wael has had seven operations in hospitals in Israel, Jordan, and Hebron.