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25 Nov 2010

Early Thursday morning, at approximately 2:00am, Israeli forces from the Gush Etzion military base came to the homes of brothers and National Committee members Yousef and Mousa Abu Maria. Both are also co-founders of the Palestine Solidarity Project.
Mousa, whose wife and baby girl–both Israeli citizens–were visiting family, was forced outside while his home was searched. 3 computers belonging to the Palestine Solidarity Project were taken. Yousef, father of 10 year-old Reem, 4 year-old Obay, and 1 month-old Della’, was also taken from his home in the middle of the night.
Both were held outside in freezing temperatures in Gush Etzion military base for over 5 hours; neither were allowed to put on proper shoes or clothing and repeated … Continue reading

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20 Nov 2010
One Palestinian Youth, Five Solidarity Activists Arrested in Beit Ommar Demonstration

Beit Ommar, Southern West Bank, 1:30pm: One 14-year-old Palestinian boy named Mohammad Awad, two internationals volunteering with P.S.P., and three Israeli solidarity activists were arrested by Israeli Forces during a peaceful demonstration against Karmei Tsur, an illegal Israeli settlement built on Beit Ommar land.

Beit Ommar and the adjacent Saffa valley have recently witnessed a tide of suppression by Israeli soldiers. Thursday, November 18th, thirteen Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists were arrested accompanying farmers to their land in the Saffa valley, near the illegal Bat Ayn settlement. In the past month, soldiers have raided the village during the night and made arrests three times a week: 35 people were arrested … Continue reading

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20 Nov 2010
The Bat Ayn Settlement – Neighbors from Hell

The Bat Ayn settlement was established in the early 1990s by a breakaway group from the nearby Gush Etzion settlement. Bat Ayn was established under the guidance of the controversial Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg. Rabbi Ginsburg has been quoted in the New York Times as stating that “any trial based on the assumption that Jews and goyim [non-Jewish people] are equal is a total travesty of justice”. Rabbi Ginsburg also praised the actions of Baruch Goldstein who in 1994 murdered 29 people and wounded more than 125 people who were praying in a mosque in Hebron.

Bet Ayn is one of over 200 Israeli settlements within the … Continue reading

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18 Nov 2010
13 Activists Arrested Accompanying Farmers in Saffa

13 Israeli, international and Palestinian activists were arrested at 10 am this morning while accompanying farmers to their land in the Saffa region of Beit Ommar. A group of nearly 30 activists accompanied Sheik Mohammad Aady to his land near the Bat Ayn settlement, which is marked for annexation by the Israeli military. After working on the land for half an hour, soldiers emerged from the Bat Ayn settlement and surrounding hills and detained the group.

A number of sound bombs were shot at those working on the land before the arrests. Amongst those arrested was Biet Ommar National Committee member and cameraman Mohammed Ayyad. As of … Continue reading

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17 Nov 2010
Settlers Set Saffa Ablaze, 3 Palestinian Youth Arrested While Extinguishing the Fire

Last night settlers from the Bat Ayn settlement set fire to 70 olive trees in the Saffa region of Beit Ommar. The trees belonged to the Thalji Aady family, who have been subject to frequent settler violence and military harassment. The fire was lit around 9:30 pm, and burned for 3 hours before fire trucks from the village were able to extinguish the flames. At 11:00 pm 3 military jeeps arrived and attempted to prevent villagers from extinguishing the fire, arresting 3 Palestinian youth in the process.

Settlers from the Bat Ayn settlement frequently destroy trees belonging to Palestinian farmers in Saffa, and several farmers … Continue reading

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16 Nov 2010
Beit Ommar National Committee Member Released From Prison

On Tuesday November 16th, Beit Ommar National Committee Member Eyad Jamil Al Alami was released from prison. He was arrested on Monday, October 11th, 2010, when Israeli forces raided his house in Beit Ommar. After three days he was taken to military court, where he was sentenced to four months administrative detention. He was released after one month, most likely due to the total lack of evidence against him.

Eyad is a 25-year-old student at the Polytechnic University in Hebron. He was arrested in April of this year at a nonviolent demonstration in Beit Ommar and was released after twenty days without charges.

Palestinians held in administrative detention are not informed … Continue reading

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15 Nov 2010
Settlers Destroy Trees in Surif

Like Palestinians for centuries before them, Shaban Atiya Al-Hur and Ahmed Atiya Al-Hur have farmed the Al-Hajahat area of Surif. This morning both men attended their land to find that settlers from the nearby Bat Ayn settlement had destroyed 85 of their olive and fig trees. The trees were destroyed by deliberately lit fires and amount to around half the trees in the area. The fires were started at approximately 9:30am and lasted for around half an hour.

Employment and economic opportunities for Palestinian residents of the region are extremely limited and the loss of these trees will have a devastating impact on the families of the affected farmers. Whilst the trees can be replanted, it will take several years before … Continue reading

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14 Nov 2010
5 International Activists Arrested, 1 Injured As Army Prevents Farmers From Working Their Land in Saffa

5 international activists were arrested this morning while accompanying farmers to their land in the Saffa region of Beit Ommar. For the third time this week a group of about 10 Palestinian and international activists accompanied Sheik Muhammad Aady to his land near the Bat Ayn settlement. The army has been preventing the farmers in Saffa from accessing the land, which is marked for annexation.

The volunteers worked for nearly an hour clearing the land before they were stopped by a group of soldiers. The soldiers informed the group that they were all under arrest, took the IDs of several of the activists, and escorted … Continue reading

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13 Nov 2010
Soldiers Shoot Tear Gas at Farmers in Saffa

Soldiers shot tear gas at farmers in Saffa today as they attempt to work their land near the Bat Ayn settlement. A group of about 30 Palestinian, international and Israeli activists accompanied Sheik Mohammad Aady to his land on the hillside opposite Bat Ayn, which has been marked for annexation by the settlement. The group marched to the land waving Palestinian flags and carrying signs. They worked for an hour, tilling the land and setting small fires to clear the brush.

Soldiers gathered at the top of the hill above the activists, and two jeeps parked on the road at the bottom … Continue reading

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11 Nov 2010
Students Protest, Soldiers Tear Gas Elementary School On Anniversary of Yasser Arafat’s Death

Soldiers tear gassed a girls elementary school in Beit Ommar this morning following a student demonstration commemorating the anniversary of Yasser Arafat’s death. Three hundred students ages 7 to 15 marched from the Beit Ommar il-Assasiyya boys school to the checkpoint at the entrance of the village waving Palestinian flags and chanting against the occupation. Several students gave speeches in memory of Yasser Arafat.

Soldiers responded by shooting teargas and sound bombs into Zaharet il-madayim, a Palestinian girls elementary school, and into the preschool next door. 30 girls ages 3 to 13 suffered tear gas inhalation. This morning marked the third time in the past two years that soldiers … Continue reading