Beit Ommar Legal Update: Two Youths Released While Others Await Trial

2 November 2010

On Monday, November 1, 2010 Tha’er Abu Hashem, the son of Beit Ommar Popular Committee member Ahmed Abu Hashem, was released on a 2000 shekel bail after being held for more than 4 months without charge or trial in the Israeli military court system. His younger brother, 17 year-old Yousef Abu Hashem, is still awaiting final sentencing.

On Tuesday, November 2, ‘Amer Abu Maria, the nephew of committee members Mousa and Yousef Abu Maria, is set to be released, after a 5 month sentence in Israeli military court. His was part of a string of arrests of young boys in their final year of school during their final exams, preventing them from graduating from High School and forcing them to wait a year before sitting the exams and before applying for University.

An additional 13 people, aged 15-28, have been arrested in the last month, all relating to the demonstrations being held weekly in Beit Ommar against settlement expansion. They include Popular Committee member Eyad ‘Alami, who was placed in administrative detention, 5 youth arrested during the demonstrations by undercover soldiers on October 9 and October 23, and a series of youth arrested from their homes in the middle of the night. As of today, none of the other youth have been officially charged, with the first court appearances for the 4 arrested on October 9 leading to a postponement.
The youngest arrestee, Mohammed Abu Maria, another nephew of Popular Committee members Yousef and Mousa Abu Maria, will have his first court appearance on Thursday, November 4.