Palestinian Activist Attacked by Settlers in the South Hebron Hills

8 January 2011

On Friday, January 7th, at 10am, Israeli settlers attacked Azmi Shoyokhi, a general member of all National Committees in the West Bank, while he was supporting Palestinian farmers in Om Al-Arrays, in the South Hebron Hills. About a dozen settlers surrounded Azmi, striking him in his head. Israeli military along with police were in the area and witnessed the attack, but they did nothing to intervene.

Palestinian organizers with the Palestine Solidarity Project were also present in Om Al-Arrays at the time of the attack to show solidarity with Kamal Nawajeaa, a farmers who owns 1500 dunums of land close to an Israeli settlement. Settlers plant grapes on Kamal’s land in an attempt to annex it. On September 26th, 2010, an Israeli court ordered the settlers to remove the grapes. However at this time, neither the settlers nor the Israeli military has done anything to implement the court’s decision.