Israeli Forces Arrest Four Children South of Beit Ommar

20 January 2011

At around 12pm on Wednesday, January 19th 2011, Israeli soldiers stopped four Palestinian children along Route 60, between Beit Ommar and the city of Hebron. The soldiers detained the youth, all of whom appeared under the age of 15, in an isolated area out of sight of the road. By chance, international observers with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) traveling in a car spotted the soldiers leading the children away and followed to advocate for their welfare.

Despite the presence of international human rights activists, at one point the youth were forced to sit on the ground in the stress position with their hands behind their backs and their heads down. Several Palestinians also in the area came to try to get the soldiers to release the youth. These Palestinians along with the EAPPI internationals took pictures and called the media as well as notified prominent human rights organizations that work in the area. Despite these efforts, after some time, the soldiers forced all four children into a jeep and drove them to an unknown location. No reason was given for their arrest.