One Arrested as Palestinian Activists Block Route 60 Near Beit Ommar

9 March 2011

On Tuesday, March 8th, 2011, about 70 Palestinians, supported by international solidarity activists, blocked Route 60 (a road that is heavily trafficked by Israeli settlers) near the entrance of Beit Ommar village, between the cities of Hebron and Bethlehem. Traffic came to a halt for almost half an hour as activists waved Palestinian flags and chanted against the occupation. The demonstration was organized as a collective response to increasing settlement expansion in the West Bank and frequent attacks by Israeli Forces on the Palestinian people.

Israeli Forces arrived at the scene just as the demonstrators were returning home. Several of the soldiers chased the activists, catching Azmi Shoyorhi, a well-known anti-occupation activist who had been injured in his leg from a sound bomb thrown by Israeli Forces during last Saturday’s demonstration in Beit Ommar. A soldier took Azmi’s ID and placed him under arrest. Seeing that Azmi was having difficulty breathing on the ground, several international activists stayed with him and requested that the army call an ambulance. After a short while, an ambulance arrived on the scene and medics were able to treat Azmi before he was taken away by the Israeli Military.