The Palestine Solidarity Project Welcomes Moves Toward Unity

29 April 2011

Next Tuesday, members of Hamas and Fatah will meet in Cairo to sign a final document, securing a reconciliation deal between the two parties. The agreements will include intermediary measures for unity politics and a mandate for Palestine-wide elections within a year.

The Palestine Solidarity Project strongly supports this move toward unity, and hopes that these developments will help bring together the Palestinian people in their struggle to overcome the Israeli occupation. By ending a polarizing division that has fractured the Palestinian cause, we hope we can begin to build a strong, unified movement against Israeli occupation and apartheid.

Israel’s continued renunciation of any reconciliation attempt between Fatah and Hamas serves only the interests of an entrenched occupier. The Palestine Solidarity Project hopes that the combined might of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank may force Israel to back away from its offensive, unjust, and inhuman policies and accept the necessity—and inevitability—of freedom for all Palestinians.