Popular Committee Member Harassed, Served in Midnight Military Incursion

3 June 2011

At 2:00 am on Friday, June 3rd, Israeli military forces entered Beit Ommar and made their way to the home of Popular Committee member and PSP coordinator Mousa Abu Maria. When they could not immediately find him, the soldiers woke Abu Maria’s neighbor to direct them. The man refused, but the soldiers took him along anyways until they found the correct door.

When Abu Maria opened the door, the soldiers demanded that he strip off his clothes. Abu Maria refused, but the soldiers insisted until he complied. After checking him, the soldiers pushed in and demanded to see his identification card. Abu Maria provided it to them.

The soldiers began to hassle Abu Maria, identifying him as “the one who organizes protests every week.” Abu Maria responded that he did not see the problem with that, and again questioned the soldiers’ presence in his village and home.

Finally, the soldiers served Abu Maria with a document requiring his presence at a meeting with the head of security in Gush Etzion in three days’ time. Abu Maria was told he would be arrested if he did not go, and the soldiers took his mobile number as added insurance.

Previous army incursions to Abu Maria’s house have resulted in his arrest, as well as the confiscation of laptops. The house and its contents are often ransacked and broken.