24 Demolitions in Fasayel, Southern Jordan Valley

15 June 2011

On Tuesday, June 14, the Israeli military demolished 24 structures in the Palestinian village of Fasayel, in the southern Jordan Valley. At 6 o’clock in the morning, about 10 military jeeps, one civil administration vehicle and 3 bulldozers entered the Palestinian villages of Fasayel, turning the area into a ‘closed military area’ and preventing anyone from entering the village for more than 3 hours.

The army demolished 18 homes, 3 animal shelters and 3 other structures, leaving 18 families homeless and without any source of income.

Some of the owners of the structures include:
Qaïd Atallah Salame
Uhsein Yassin Mossa Rosheide
Khader Yassin Mossa Rosheide
Abed Yassin Mossa Rosheide
Khaled Abdallah Ali Ghazal
Ammar Mossa Ali Odeh
Nasser Mossa Ali Odeh
Sami Mossa Ali Odeh
Ali Uhsein Hassan Zaïd
Najih Ali Uhsein Zaïd
Omar Mohammad Khalil Taamri

All of the families except the Taamri family received demolition orders from the Israeli military 3 months prior to the demolition. Soldiers attacked Omar Taamri’s wife and daughter, hitting both of them. The army also cut electrical lines that provide electricity to the Fasayel area. The residents now have no access to electricity.

Information from the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign.

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