2 Shot with Live Ammunition, Regional Leader Arrested in Deir Qaddis

17 June 2011

Demonstrations began again this week in Deir Qaddis, a small town in the Ramallah district, against the expansion of the Nili settlement onto village land. Residents, joined by Palestinian activists from nearby Ni’lin and Budrus, as well as Israeli and international solidarity activists, have successfully stopped the bulldozers destroying village lands in successive demonstrations. On Wednesday, June 15, two residents, aged 22 and 24 were shot with live ammunition by Israeli forces who invaded the village following protesters retreating after having stopped the bulldozers for nearly an hour. While a small group of residents and activists sat in front of a bulldozer, Mohammed Amireh, member of the Ni’lin Popular Committee, was arrested. He is accused of incitement and will be appearing in Israeli military court on Sunday.

Deir Qaddis was once part of a wide range of villages protesting the construction of the Annexation Barrier and settlement expansion in 2004.