Taxi Driver assaulted in Beit Ommar

26 June 2011

On the morning of June 26, Mahmoud Ahleia, a resident of Beit Ommar, was driving back into the town when Israeli soldiers stopped him at the entrance and questioned him about his car. Ahleia is a taxi driver, and although he has a taxi license, the soldiers told him that he needs to post a sticker which will identify his vehicle as a taxi, instead of a private car. Most of Beit Ommar is located in Area B, where the Palestinian Authority has jurisdiction over civil control. Thus, the Israeli soldiers who stopped Ahleia did not have legal precedence to do so.

The Israeli soldiers removed Ahleia from his car and took him into the military watchtower at the entrance to Beit Ommar, where he was beaten. At the time of writing, Ahleia was being taken to the hospital where he will receive more information on the nature of his injuries, including an x-ray of his arm, which had visible abrasions and was possibly broken.