Settlers Push Farmers off Their Land with Military Support

4 July 2011

On the morning of July 1, Palestinian farmers in Wadi Suweit, on the main road between the settlements of Ma’on and Suseya in the South Hebron Hills, were forced off their
land while they were plowing and preparing their land for cultivation. When solidarity activists arrived at about 8:30am, the scene was quiet, though there where about four military jeeps observing as the farmers worked. By 9 am, several settlers had arrived along several more Israeli military and police jeeps, totaling 14. The settlers stood on one side of thesoldiers screaming and threatening the farmers for an hour. Eventually the Israeli soldiers complied with the settlers demands and told the Palestinian farmers to leave the field.

The farmers moved to the next field and began to cultivate that lot, but the settlers continued to yell at the Palestinians. The soldiers again complied with the settlers’ wishes and forced the Palestinian farmers to evacuate the field, even though the Palestinians owners had received permits from the Israeli court allowing them to work there.