2 Internationals, 3 Israelis Beaten and Arrested in Beit Ommar

12 July 2011

Two internationals and three Israelis were arrested and beaten in Beit Ommar today, when fifty demonstrators from the Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP), the Welcome to Palestine campaign, and residents of Beit Ommar convened at the secondary fence around Karmei Tsur settlement to protest the annexation of Beit Ommar land.

Thirty of these international solidarity activists were part of hundreds of internationals who attempted to enter Ben Gurion airport on July 8, declaring that they wished to visit Palestine. Only this small group succeeded in entering Palestine.

As the demonstrators walked towards the fence, Israeli soldiers lined the field and declared the area a closed military zone. After ten minutes, they began chasing the activists off Palestinian land, throwing several sound bombs to disperse the crowd.

Today’s protest was part of Beit Ommar’s long popular struggle against Israeli occupation. Beit Ommar is a Palestinian town located between Bethlehem and Hebron. The demonstration was held in order to welcome the arrival of numerous international solidarity activists who defied Israel’s blockade and continual attempts to suppress non-violent resistance, in addition to the weekly protest held every Saturday by the village.

For more information contact:
Bekah Wolf- 054 8838 369 (English)
Youssef Abu Maria- 059 813 9599 (Arabic)

Issued by Beit Ommar Popular Committee, Palestine Solidarity Project and the Welcome to Palestine campaign